21. May 2015



With more than 3600 hotels in over 80 countries, the Hilton is one of the biggest hotel chains worldwide. Within Europe, Germany is one of the biggest growth markets of the american company. Therefore it is even more important to the group, especially the german speaking market, to find a competent partner when it comes to technique communication.


The company looks for a digital communication system for its hotels in Germany and Switzerland which can be controlled and recorded from the headquarters. The hotel should dispose of a screen in the reception area which shows the image movie of the international chain whereas the marketing department should be responsible of its administration. Important are not only the automation function of the software but also its easy and intuitive appliance. In addition, the service of the attending company should be reliable and extendable to other areas like the digital signage of the hotels.


Hilton has decided to cooperate with Macnetix and has already equipped 14 Hilton hotels in Germany and Switzerland with the successful digital signage system by the Berlin software company. The Hilton Düsseldorf, where a marketing screen in the elevator area provides information about the hotel group, is one of them. Furthermore the use of more screens is planned in Düsseldorf and Bonn which are supposed to function as guidelines and which are also being controlled by the Macnetix software editIT/playIT. The program is easy and intuitive to manage. The central control of the marketing displays is a main advantage of the Macnetix system which is being used by the Regional Marketing for Central Europe to record the screens in the 14 hotels. Mostly it shows the current image movie of the hotel chain. In case of special offers or events, the contents can spontaneously be changed or extended.