About us

In the beginning was the vision.
Since our foundation in 2000, our products have proven themselves in the market and, mainly thanks to our easy-to-operate user interface, have impressed customers from the restaurant and hotel industry, as well as schools, universities, banks and retailers.
We develop software solutions which are used for sales promotion, so for the marketing area, and are also individually tailored to the customer’s requirements.
Communication is not only an essential element in the exchange between people, but also between humans and computers. Our products provide intelligent solutions for successful communication.
Networks are more important than ever. For a company, it is also crucial to find the right partners and to integrate them into a strong network.
The efficient exchange between humans and computers is what drives us, it is the challenge we face.
Macnetix consists of a strong team, built on partnerships, and stands alongside its customers as a full-service provider. Projects are also accompanied beyond their completion, and customers and partners are kept up to date through free updates and upgrades.

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