21. May 2015

Gold Inn, Berlin

Starting situation

In October 2010, not only was the Dormero Hannover hotel opened but a premium brand was also launched. In addition to a unique design, the aim was also to implement fresh and innovative ideas – including in the technical area – in this central hotel with its total of 293 rooms.


A reliable partner had to be found, which would take on the implementation of digital signage as well as the equipping of the rooms with a modern multimedia system. Both the digital signage displays and the television screens had to be tailored seamlessly into the hotel design. In addition, the systems had to be easy to operate and menu navigation had to be simple. Further requirements: Skilled service under one roof, central inputting of data, homogeneity in monitor walls.


HD TV with PCT in 293 rooms

The rooms are arrayed with a multimedia bar with two integrated TV screens. Whilst TV with all of its assets (highest picture quality, multilingual menu navigation, added-value services) can be watched on the one monitor, PCTV can be controlled on the second display with a standard keyboard. Top-quality Internet, Skype video conferences, current weather reports and the newest video-on-demand content are available here. In addition, the TV shows who is standing outside the door. Once someone has rung on the door, the television switches on automatically and transmits the shots from the camera installed outside into the room. Data from an iPod, iPhone or iPad can also be displayed on the screen.

HD TV in the fitness area and in front of the bar

In the fitness studio, four TVs provide information on what the weather is doing, and in particularly high quality, just like the television in front of the bar, which provides the best entertainment. In addition, the high-quality Technogym fitness equipment is equipped with TVs, so sports fans can watch or listen to the radio when training on the treadmill.

Special feature: 3×4 monitor walls with 42″ screens by Philips

Zwei große Monitorwände, die aus jeweils vier Reihen mit drei Displays bestehen, dienen als Eyecatcher sowohl in der Lobby als
auch in der Bar des Dormero Hotels. Hier werden die Bildschirme ebenfalls über editIT/playIt verwaltet, wobei die Screens zusammen oder einzeln mit Content versorgt werden können. Während im Eingangsbereich Imagebilder des Hotels dominieren, wird die Wall in der Bar hauptsächlich als Stimmungsmacher eingesetzt: Motionmotive wie z.B. Feuer und andere Bewegungen sind darauf zu sehen. Und wenn sich genügend Mitstreiter finden, fungiert die Wand sogar als Wii-Spielekonsole. Neben einer einwandfreien Software fällt bei der Wahl der Monitore auch die Homogenität besonders ins Gewicht. Diese wird durch Bildschirme von Philips gewährleistet.

Digitale Beschilderung in Lobby, Ballsaal, Bar und im Konferenzbereich

Two large monitor walls, each of which consist of four rows of three displays, are used as eye-catchers both in the lobby and in the bar of the Dormero Hotel. Here the screens are managed using editIT/playIT, where the screens can be supplied with content either individually or as a group. Whilst images of the hotel dominate in the entrance area, the wall in the bar is principally used to set the mood: Motion motifs such as fire and other movements can be watched. And if sufficient numbers of competitors can be found, the wall can even work as a Wii games console. In addition to perfect software, the homogeneity is particularly crucial when selecting the monitors. This is guaranteed by using Philips screens.
Digital signage in the lobby, ballroom, bar and in the conference area
A total of 75 displays are controlled using the editIT/playIT digital signage software by Macnetix. 25 screens decorate the Dormero Hall, around 500 square metres in size, which offers a suitable stage for both gala dinners and conferences. The monitors that are strung together on the wall to the left and right are used not only for company presentations but also as motion backgrounds to generate a wide variety of moods. Even in the bar, the twenty 42-inch screens are used to create atmosphere or advertise the current range of cocktails. Further displays, both at the entrance to the Dormero Hall and in the stairwell down to the conference area provide an overview of room occupancy and events, whilst the four monitors on the individual meeting rooms serve as door plates and provide information about the events taking place inside.