21. May 2015

Industry Prize 2015

The INDUSTRY PRIZE from the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH recognises companies with high levels of economic, social, technological and ecological benefits. The jury of experts honoured the Backup as a Service solution from Macnetix with the title BEST OF 2015.
A top-class jury of experts consisting of 30 professors and trade journalists form the select circle of adjudicators – this number and mix provides an objective assessment and this is what makes the prize so unique in the industry.
Hardware is transient!
Data can get lost though inadvertent deletion, rewriting by mistake, faults on the hard disk or viruses. If no backup is made, the operating system may be able to be restored using installation media but data and settings become lost.
Regular safeguarding of the system and data is imperative.
Crucial factors for market presence and market success in the age of global networking of data and systems include the availability of information and services.
"Both the duty of protection and the duty of care, as well as the legal duty of retention require that companies maintain regular and reliable suitable uninterrupted data security routines."
Macnetix offers Backup as a Service as a professional full service even for medium-sized companies.
In this way, effort as well as costs are reduced.