23. May 2016

Industry Prize 2016

Also this year, our software solutions have made the competition of the Industrialprice 2016 and was awarded with the
Best OF signets in the categorie
Best OF IT- & Softwaresollution for the Industrie.

The Initiative Mittelstand offers the Industrialprice 2016 for progressive industrial products and solutions in 14 different categories..

Excellent software solutions by Macnetix

This year's Best OF awards has, on the one hand, acknowledged our work, and on the other it has motivated the entire team to further develop our solutions. Innovations are important factors for success, particularly in the field of IT solutions. They are important indicators for the future development of companys. In order to also remain innovative developments in the future, we listen to the needs of our customers, and we also continually keep a finger on the pulse of time.