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Highly available system solutions for future-proof network strategies and sustainable resource management.

We understand IT infrastructure, hardware and software, data protection and support as a whole. Even if all components are working in sync, they function effectively. 

WAN / Internet

Carrier-independent fibre-optic supply.

Fibre-optic networks form the backbone of the Internet and future company communication. Today’s bandwidths and latency requirements can only be achieved through fibre-optic cables. We use global networks that are thousands of kilometres in length. This guarantees bandwidths that are not overloaded.

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MPLS - Multiprotocol Label Switching

Professional site networking

Modern IT centralisation requires rapid and secure site networking. Packet runtimes run an increasingly important part, so that the data highway does not become a winding lane. MPLS and our fibre-optic connections create a separate implementation in the public Internet.

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VPN – Virtual Private Network

Site networking via the public Internet

Using a VPN as a separate cost-effective network allows you to achieve point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and any-to-any networks in the case of low latency and availability requirements.

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Carrier grade network design and operating

Macnetix uses its expertise in the planning and configuration of networks and infrastructure to plan customized solutions. We serve networkconcepts and consult you from the connection up to the used terminal.

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