VPN – Virtual Private Network

Site networking via the public Internet

Cost-effective site networking

VPN uses the public Internet for networking sites. This cost-effective network allows you to achieve point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and any-to-any networks in the case of low latency and availability requirements. These connections must be particularly protected because of the use of the public Internet.

Secure, monitored and managed

Macnetix VPN networks are highly encrypted (AES 256) and, thanks to hardware acceleration, achieve a throughput of 720 Mbit/s per tunnel terminal point. The devices used here are protected and tempered against unauthorised access. Optionally, Macnetix can actively monitor the components with an active alarm system and immediate initiation of counter-measures.

On request, Macnetix can take the full maintenance and configuration of your VPN network. Of course, several Internet cables can be used in the respective sites so that should one ISP fail then data traffic can be handled by the backup cable.

Highly-available VPN networks are realised through geo-redundant dial-up points in the Macnetix network nodes, where an automatic changeover occurs just in case so that your services remain available.

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