WAN / Internet

Carrier-independent fibre-optic supply

The fibre-optic backbone

Fibre-optic networks form the backbone of the Internet and future company communication. Today’s bandwidths and latency requirements can only be achieved through fibre-optic cables. We use global networks that are thousands of kilometres in length. This guarantees bandwidths of at least 50 MBit/s that are not overloaded – which can be expanded to at least 10 GBit/s per end-customer connection. All networks are monitored 24/7 around the clock by a team of experts. Important cables are designed as redundant. For this reason, they are protected in the backbone in the case of a cable defect.

Carrier, RIPE LIR and ISP
As a full RIPE member and LIR, we operate our own autonomous system (AS). By means of geo-redundant connections that are not overloaded, we can guarantee the high levels of availability of our services. As a certified and registered Internet Service Provider (ISP), we only serve business clients, authorities and NGOs. Routing takes place here at a wire speed of up to several thousand TBit/s and is optimised to low latency. Our DDoS protection takes hold before the packets are transmitted to your connection.
IPv4 and IPv6 certified
In addition to the classic IPv4 addresses, you can now receive a usable IPv6 address space. IPv6 has been consistently implemented by us so that we do not use any 4to6 or 6to4 converters. So you can profit today from native IPv6.
SLA and point of contact
You can also benefit from our premium connections using priority service and our guaranteed availability and recovery times. Active aftercare and service have the highest priority with us. Your point of contact will support you in optimizing capacity and the network, and will accompany you in this process.

For further questions please contact us personally.

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