Hot Spot Basic -
Internet without
legal risk.

Could your guests feel free to surf on the Internet?

With the Hot Spot Basic solution you offer your guests fast and legally secure Internet.

Everything your guests expect.

To make your guests feel like being at home, fast Wi-Fi is indispensable today. Even when connecting with the Wi-Fi, your guest enters the home page of your individual Wi-Fi landingpage. This site automatically adjusts to the guest deviceused. Customize your own widget offer individually to the wishes of your guests.

  • Up to date offers, internet access, weather and daily news are quickly and easy available on one surface.

  • Offer your guests local event information and extend this offer to the possibility to reserve the taxi at the desired time.

  • When menu cards and brochures are available in digital format, they need not  be reprinted for future updates.

How it works

Step by step into the Internet

1.The choice of Internet access

Your guests choose Wi-Fi, you choose how they get access.

2. The „log-in“

By using the input mask you could create the log-in information on a ticket with QR code or also send them via e-mail and SMS.

3. Via keyboard or QR code to the login page

From now on your guest can easily log-in on your portal page. There is no additional software needed and he gets direct access to the internet.

Benefits for you

  • You will receive 100% of the revenue and there is no commission charged.
  • Modern and interactive pieces of information, give guests more freedom and relieve also your employees.
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comfortable | easy | efficient

The management happens in the browser-based backend. So, no additional software is required and all pieces of information can be centrally managed and administered.

  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Overview of all services
  • Overview of all orders
  • Ordering of new services directly via the entry tool
  • Multi-tenant administration page
  • SSL encrypted

The offer

The Hot-Spot-Basic was optimized for highest data throughput and centralized management. It is easy to install and guarantees varius usage.

We advise you from the planning of active and passive networks. In addition, we involve existing networks into your concept and optimize existing active components.

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