Bring | Your | Own | Device

Modern guests want to integrate their mobile devices easily into the existing infrastructure to access as well as at “home” on their media content.

Mobile devices are trendsetting factors for future oriented communication. 

The chances of BYOD are evident:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Workflow optimization
  • Increased on-point interaction

“For mobile users, the quality of use in any environment is crucial, but this does not depend solely on the bandwidth. The question is not longer whether BYOD is the new trend but whether BYOD is already part of everyday life.”

Enjoy the mobile freedom

Send your guests prior to their arrival corresponding recommendations for the time of the hotel stay or offer an individualization of the existing reservation.

Define new customer loyalty and generate simultaneously additional revenue with targeted offers.

Send satisfaction questionnaires, inform about offers for the coming season or tie your guests with vouchers for other destinations.

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Generate additional revenues and offer focussed services.

Mobile devices are trendsetting factors for future-oriented communication. In addition to the significant savings the workflow could also ben optimized and the On-Point interaction increases.

OpenApp|BYOD in companies

Work is rarely linked to a fixed location.

Tablets smartphones or Laptops are essential components of modern workplaces. From a quick research on the mobile phone up to the work on the move, employees use more mobile devices and need everywhere full access to their data and programs. With OpenApp|BYOD employees are flexible and able to work everywhere.

OpenApp|BYOD in the hospitality

Modern guests want to integrate their mobile devices easily into the existing infrastructure to access as well as at “home” on their media content. Important news like the weather or hotel infos are just as important as optional services like TV and of course fast Wi-Fi. Macnetix combines in-room entertainment with value-added services for hoteliers and restaurants. Optimize each stay and profit from the simplification of complex processes.

OpenApp|BYOD in clinics and rehabilitation centers

Most patients and visitors usually threatened only one thing, boredom. The internet remedies this on an uncomplicated way. So patients and visitors can access entertainment and informative content and stay in contact with worried friends or the family. Hospitals inform patients with tablets, about various health programs like about preparations of medical care and the planning of care after the operation but also improve the comfort and the patient satisfaction by offering mobile applications and mobile usage. OpenApp|BYOD opens up a wide range of opportunities to bring services closer to the patients and to involve them into inhouse processes.

comfortable | easy | efficient

The administration is browser-based. So no additional software is required and all services can be managed centrally.

  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Review of existing services
  • Overview of all orders and invoices
  • Ordering of new services 
  • Multi-tenant administration page
  • SSL-encrypted

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Industry Prize 2016

Also in this year, our software solutions have made the competition of the IT Innovation Award and has been awarded with the Best OF signets in the categories Best OF cloud computing, Best OF internet service, Best OF CMS and Best OF consumer electronics.