OpenApp|DS is the modern cloud-based solution to control and manage digital signage content systems.

OpenApp|DS is primarily used as a visitor guidance system as well as system for advertisement and information. Digital signage provides guests with orientation in the hotel. But it also can become an important module in the marketing mix. Content marketing addresses guests in an informative and entertaining way and is thus far more effective communication.

Areas of use


Digital signage, replaces classical standard signs and can generally be found in entrance areas, halls, corridors or on doors as digital door signs.


In companys digital signage works as an employee or production information system. It can also be used to welcome visitors and provide them first informations.


Used to control large advertising screens, digital price tags or instore promotion displays.

The software

Simple to operate:

Thanks to structured interfaces, it is also possible to integrate data from external systems into the program. This prevents manual duplicate recordings and old information appearing on the screen.

And this is how it works:

The editorial system is used to control the screens and manage their content. At the same time, the playing software, supplies the screens with content. The intelligent templates guarantee the simplest, most elegant and flexible way of presenting informations in predefined designs.

comfortable | easy | efficient

The administration is browser-based. So no additional software is required and all services can be managed centrally.

  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Review of existing services
  • Overview of all orders and invoices
  • Ordering of new services 
  • Multi-tenant administration page
  • SSL-encrypted

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Industry Prize 2016

Also in this year, our software solutions have made the competition of the IT Innovation Award and has been awarded with the Best OF signets in the categories Best OF cloud computing, Best OF internet service, Best OF CMS and Best OF consumer electronics.