MACNETIX offers you versatile hardware and software products for high-speed Internet, cloud services, digital signage and TV.

Streamer NG 3.0

The logical development.

It is characterised not only by its well-known modular concept, simple operation via web interface, EPG data via XML feed and no-loss SPTS streaming, but also achieves an incomparable tuner density on standard industry components.
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VOD Server 3.0

The optimal platform for multimedia entertainment.
Based on industry components and designed for continuous 24/7 operation, this was designed for use in hotels, hospitals and by OTT service providers.
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Carrier Grade Accesspoint


The MX-25-2×2-an-pPoE carrier-grade access point has been optimised for the highest level of data throughput and central management via the HSIA cloud router by Macnetix.

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Hot Spot Basic


To make your guests feel as like as at home, fast Wi-Fi is indispensable today. The Hot Spot Basic  solution offers fast and legally secure Internet.

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High Speed Internet Access.
Secure and billable Internet for hotels, hospitals and rehabilitation areas, as well as public service providers.
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Bring your own Device.

Mobile terminal devices open up new market segments to you and are trend-setting factors in forward-looking communication. For mobile users, the quality of use in any environment is crucial, but this does not depend solely on the bandwidth

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The cloud-based system solution for efficient control

and administration of multimedia displays.

OpenApp.DS is primarily used as a visitor guidance system as well as system for advertisements and information.
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The cloud-based system solution for efficient control and administration of smart TVs.

Thanks to the server that is centrally operated by Macnetix, the administrative and operational burden is reduced to a minimum. You can provide your guests with additional content and apps and thus advertise your business and services.

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