Backup as a Service.

Regular safeguarding is imperative.

Company data is your most important asset. But data can get lost through inadvertent deletion, overwritten by mistake, faults on the hard disk or viruses. Regular safeguarding of the system and data is imperative.

Macnetix is a specialist in company-sensitive data and IT solutions. Our data centres are highly available, simply scalable and offer appropriated IT services tailored to your requirements.

“Both the duty of protection and the duty of care, as well as the legal duty of retention require that companies maintain regular and reliable suitable uninterrupted data security routines.”


Both simple expansions and the ability to add regional, national or international sites increases effectiveness and ensures that you are only charged for what you really need.


You have the choice between different transmission variants.


Data is exchanged independently of the public Internet.


By usage of enterprise hardware and software components


Applications and services can be prioritised.


Individual networking concepts can be tailored to respective bandwidth and quality requirements.


High-performance MPLS backbone.


  • Securing Hyper-V and VMWare VMs using Veeam
  • Computer centre possible as primary and secondary target
  • VMWare or Hyper-V replication possible
  • Creation of a complete DR site possible
  • Immediate access in the case of faults
  • WAN backup in the backup computer centre
  • Automated 24/7 monitoring of all systems

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