Cloud Desktop

Your mobile workplace.

Work is rarely linked to a fixed location. From a quick research on the mobile phone, to work on the move, there are more mobile devices used and users need full access to their data and programs from everywhere in order to be able to work effectively. Link your tablet, smartphone or laptop to your workstation. The cloud desktop is globally available from any browser.



All programs and datas are streamed to the used terminal. If a device is damaged or get lost, the datas are retained and will not fall into third parties hand.

Benefits of the cloud desktop


Cost savings

Instead of local investments and maintenance contracts: flexible pay-per-use. You only pay for the service you require and use licences (Office, CRM, etc.) that can be booked in or out each month (per cloud desktop). No deductions required.

Concentrate on the essentials

Employees can access datas at any time from anywhere, are more productive and can work at any location. IT projects (supplier loyalty, optimisation of production chain, etc.) are no longer blocked or delayed through the administration of desktops.

For companies

The cloud desktop offers off-site employees, such as those working from home, access to both necessary applications and also to data without this having to be saved locally. This increases both security and the effectiveness of the company.

For schools / universities

Project-related approvals can be set up for students, and then simply taken out of service at the end of training or the end of term.

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