Server with maximum data processing performance.

Housing becomes increasingly important.

Housing of operationally-relevant hardware and IT infrastructure in the Macnetix data centers is the most efficient way to reduce costs and to increase availability and performance. We consult manufacturer indepent and goal-oriented, from the integration of existing hardware to the Macnetix data centers up to the broadband connections of company.

With the HSIA Internet connection Macnetix guarantees especially in business environments highest safety standards with significant accelerated data transfer. Especially business-critical data needs fast data transmission, stable operation control under high load conditions, as well as professional backup and recovery management. This is essential for fail-safe operation and stable business continuity.

The requirements in wich companies with own server structures and in-house infrastructure facing are increasing. New security risks require permanent updates of the protective mechanisms. But also the costs of resources and staff are increasing with each extension.

The Macnetix guarantees the a high availability of the integrated servers in air-conditioned and with a high-security-system equipped data center. Save cost intensive infrastructure, investment in system rooms and free your company’s IT from the daily business operations.

  • Security through scalability
  • Investment protection 
  • Flexible cost models
  • High performance and security
  • Needs and security analysis
  • Testing of housing parameters
  • Consulting in data protection
  • Creation of time scale and action plans
  • Set-up and dismantling of hardware
  • Commissioning of hardware
  • Configuration – Virtualisation
  • Backup implementation
Available rack units:

  • 1 RU and 2 RU
  • 4 RU
  • 8 RU
  • 20 RU
  • max.: 42/rack
Available Internet connections:

  • 10 Mbit/s
  • 100 Mbit/s
  • 1 Gbit/s
  • 10 Gbits/s
  • max.: 100 Gbit/s

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