We provide versatile solutions for companies of all sizes, hotels, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Software and Infrastructure as a Service are modern outsourcing models that guarantee the greatest flexibility with low investment costs.

Solutions for companies

When several locations have to be managed, it is sensible to use Infrastructure as a Service models. To keep the extra effort as small as possible, outsourced server structures are used that can be controlled through cloud-based software solutions.

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Solutions for hotels

Satisfying your guests and also generating income require modern solutions. By means of in-house marketing, you can advertise events, restaurant offers or other special hotel services using digital channels.

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Solutions for hospitals and rehabilitation facilities

New developments have opened up opportunities for hospitals and rehabilitation facilities to increase turnover and at the same time meet the increased technical expectations of the patients. The fact that patients see fast WLAN as self-evident is an opportunity to position yourself as a modern facility.

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Solutions for the point of sale

We believe that the wearing comfort for an emotional customer loyalty is essential. In order to make them sustainable, we offer you a variety of modules, which contribute both to increase in the efficiency of your processes and to an increase in sales.

The OpenApp|SUITE provides a central platform as a dynamic control point for your POS channels. Create an emotional overall experience and stage a holistic marketing concept.

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Solutions for digital marketing

Informative apps that you have produced and the integration of advertising banners on the WLAN login pages also provide direct contact with the guest and form a further constituent for the marketing mix. This means that by means of simple, flexible and centrally-controlled management software it is possible to manage any number of channels and address customers as a whole.

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AOK Federal, Berlin

„The Macnetix System is easy and intuitive to use. It’s a reliable system, and relatively maintenance free.“
Martin Klimpel, Administrator of AOK Federal Association


“We are very pleased with the innovative systems, as well as with the competent services of Macnetix.”
Aleksej Leunov, Executive in Gold Inn AG


„The program is easy to maintain, sources of errors are scarce. At the same time, the support is expert and competent.“
Angela Haug, Director of Regional Marketing Central Europe

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