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Wide-reaching and focused advertising to target groups.

There are many different tools used in digital marketing.

Where costly printed matter was previously produced, today you can advertise using digital marketing without a great outlay. Complete content that has already been produced can be used multiple times, and finds the target group right where it is receptive and making its purchasing decisions.

Informative Apps that you have produced and the integration of advertising banners on the Wi-Fi login pages also provides direct contact with the guest and form a further constituent for the marketing mix. This means that by means of simple, flexible and centrally-controlled management it is possible to manage any number of channels and address customers as a whole.

Communication can also occur on public displays using digital out-of-home advertising. Guests can be shown and informed about current offers using targeted product advertising in public areas. For example, a screen in the shop window of branches can advertise new products and act as an inducement to buy.

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