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System solutions with a high return on investment

New developments have opened up opportunities for hospitals and rehabilitation facilities to increase turnover and at the same time meet the increased technical expectations of the patients. The fact that patients see fast Wi-Fi as self-evident is an opportunity to positioning yourself as a modern facility.

It has been a long time since patients have been patients in the classic meaning, but are received as guests and they expect corresponding benefits and services. Starting with a fast Wi-Fi, through digital signage and modern TV offerings, to network infrastructure, Macnetix provides an extensive portfolio to meet these challenges.

Furthermore, marketing measures such as advertising additional offers on landing pages for logging into the Wi-Fi or on displays about value-added services can generate income and at the same time guarantees high satisfaction.

Solutions for your patients

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Reference projects

Sana Kliniken – Düsseldorf

A full in-room entertainment system has been installed in the Sana Hospitals in Düsseldorf. Particular attention was paid to the integration and activation of the set-top box in the OpenApp|TV management environment.

HDZ - Bad Oeynhausen

The complete planning and installation of the network infrastructure to manage the active components was realised by Macnetix. Furthermore, the TV system was expanded to include the ability to send messages from the PMS to the patients.

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