Solutions for hotels

Value-added services to increase sales and guest satisfaction.

Caused of the boom in technology in the recent years, most guests have their own mobile devices that they want to easy integrate in the technical infrastructure of modern hotels. Guests use apps, want to watch films on tablets and obviously need a fast Wi-Fi.

Satisfying your guests and also generating income requires modern solutions. By means of in-house marketing, you can advertise events, restaurant offers or other special hotel services by using digital channels.

In addition, the administration in the hotel industry can be simplified with modern IT solutions. Infrastructure as a service offers full data security through backups in several computer centres, which are subject to the most stringent data-protection regulations.

Solutions for your guests

customer excerpt

reference projects

Supply Steigenberger and InterCity Hotels

6 locations with ~ 1,100 beds 


IHG 2014 HSIA brand standards

Layer 2 client isolation conversion

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Leisure-,  business and international guests

Planned enhancements:

Further roll out

Welcome Hotels incl. HQ

18 locations with ~ 2,000 beds


Retro fitting incl. control cable

Chainlength tickets

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Multiproperty PMS in HQ

Leisure-,  business and international guests, esp. FFM

Planned enhancements:

integration OpenApp|TV

Mobile.TV and mobile.VOD

Reka Holiday Villages

10 locations with ~ 430 rooms


Conversion incl. cable pulley

Chain length tickets

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Layer 2 client isolation

Multi PMS in HQ

Leisure and family lodging

International and nat. guests

Planned enhancements:

Integration OpenApp|TV and OpenApp|DS

Mobile.TV and mobile.VOD

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