Solutions for the point of sale

High-reach target group advertising at the POS

Marketing tools for stores and shopping centers

We believe that the wearing comfort for an emotional customer loyalty is essential. In order to make them sustainable, we offer you a variety of modules, which contribute both to increase in the efficiency of your processes and to an increase in sales.

The OpenApp|SUITE provides a central platform as a dynamic control point for your POS channels. Create an emotional overall experience and stage a holistic marketing concept.


After login, your customers will see your individualized Wi-Fi homepage. This enables you to showcase advertising, customer interactions, deals and offer right at the point of interest.


Content marketing addresses customers in an informative and entertaining way and is thus far more effective than classic communication.


Self-service terminals are the ideal way to use your marketing activities targeted. Kiosk displays increase the attention of your customers and also enable you to provide independent informations.

Optimized tools
for your multichannel retail strategy

Wi-Fi at the point of sale

Whether smartphone or tablet, customers increasingly use their private devices during the shopping. They compare prices or read product reviews, collect vouchers or pay via mobile payment. Wi-Fi is also indispensable in the retail sector!

  • Every customer who logs in to your Wi-Fi offer is automatically registered. So you can stay in touch with your visitors.
  • By using features like SMS Marketing you can use new ways to promote your customer loyalty, or to advertise new products.
  • Login is done by
    • Socialmedia link
    • SMS authentification
    • Facebook
    • G+
  • The installation is done with one click. All you need to do is to connect the Macnetix accesspoint to your existing infrastructure.

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Digital signage at the point of sale

Digital signage is a key factor in business success and takes a key role at the point of sale.

On the one hand, digital signage complements your dialog possibilities and, on the other hand, the shopping experience is made more attractive and intensified thanks to informative services.

  • Update your content globally by one click and customize it, for example, at times, events or coresponding to the weather.
  • Promote complementary products such as wine at the cheese corner.
  • Reduce costs and effort for updating print media or posters.
  • QR codes allow direct orders in the online shop.
  • Combine visual experience with informative value added services.
  • Varied possibilities – from the advertising screen up to the visitor guidance system.

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Kiosk solutions at the point of sale

Kiosk solutions provide a sensible extension of the illustrated range in retail, in a simple and interactive way. Customers can select products, order them, call up possible individualizations, order spare parts, and view modifications such as available colors without having to provide and behold them onside.

Digital Info Points provide access to the interactive product catalog, provide information and guide your customers in a modern and interactive way.

  • Extend your product range virtually.
  • Integrate the KIOSK solution into your sales process while increasing your service level and your employees know-how.
  • Strengthen your brand positioning and customer loyalty with innovative solutions.
  • User-friendly thanks to intuitive user interfaces.
  • Many visitors at the point of sale are often looking for fast access to informations. Digital guidance opens up new possibilities.

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Important customer informations before, on and after the visit are essential facts for future-oriented solutions. Predictive analytics and bigdata have now taken a central role. Detailed informations about customers, needs and behaviors become success factors and are essential for a balanced marketing strategy at the point of interest.

Gain comprehensive insights into the daily business of your company and recognize where there is even more potential. Use the analysis of the collected informations with optimization recommendations to implement the results in a targeted manner.

Generate new insights about the visitors of your business and evaluate the digitalized purchasing behavior of your customers. Analysis, evaluation and optimization options help in decision-making in optimization processes and generate important findings for optimal customer service.

Precise datas on traffic and customer behaviors enabling a comprehensive overview of the complex interactions between the numbers of visitors and local customers, the range selection and product placement, as well as made purchases and the resulting revenue.


The widget pool opens up a vendor-independent service portfolio instead of many different vendors on one single platform. Services from various suppliers can be freely selected and customized.

Multi services

Third-party widgets can always be created and globally distributed to the end devices. The widgets are reusable, so one widget can be shown on the one hand on the Wi-Fi landingpage and on the other hand on the digital door plates or also on mobile devices.

Intelligent on point nteraktion

Widgets can optimize processes in an intelligent way and also expand your service portfolio. Offer your customers individual services from various suppliers and increase on an easy way your service level and your on-point interaction.

Bring | Your | Own | Device

Mobile devices are trendsetting factors for future oriented communication and an essential part of individual mobile marketing strategies. In addition to the significant cost savings workflows can be optimized and the on point interaction can be increased.

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comfortable | easy | efficient

The administration is browser-based. So no additional software is required and all services can be managed centrally.

  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Review of existing services
  • Overview of all orders and invoices
  • Ordering of new services 
  • Multi-tenant administration page
  • SSL-encrypted

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